Kathy Noltze, Photographer



It's surprising how much you can see from the front seat. This was the top level of a two-decker local bus.                                                    Two weeks, two people, two suitcases...








                                Tide out and tide in....


Walk on water? When the tide is in, one must use the guideposts.


Too many chips...




One morning, I took the "train" along the coast. It operates on wheels on the sidewalk and one can walk faster than this chugs along, but I got to see the town and to wave to pedestrians who passed us.

  You can take donkey rides on the beach when the tide is out, if you are so inclined. A nitpicker was hard at work on the back of one of the donkeys, picking his nits.



                             This little fellow and his family wandered across my path in Queens Park.                                                                                                                                                            Jill Dando Park.



                                             Seaquarium when the tide is out. Foolhardy traveler on mudflats.


This is the oldest hotel in WsM; it housed American troops during WWII.


I feel good about buying trinkets at the charity shops. Sometimes I also find a treasure.




                                                         Table with a view: Sunday carvery at the York Hotel.                    


They conceal pedestrians?


A pub during off-hours (when my jet-lagged stomach is hungriest) is a good place for lunch.


Sunset on the Bristol Channel