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Scotland: Dunbar & Edinburgh


Lincolnshire, Brayford Quay, Peterborough, Nottingham




and bits of northern British Isles




Born in Dunbar, Scotland and raised in Wisconsin, John Muir was

a catalyst for our nation's parks system, including Arizona's Grand Canyon National Park.


Along the cliff in Dunbar, Scotland...

it's just steps to the beach.


On the Royal Mile, Edinburgh

A good place to refuel.



In the Third Century, about the time Hannibal and his elephants crossed the Alps,

this arch was constructed. It is the oldest Roman arch in Britain that is still used

for traffic. It was being rejuvenated when I was there in May. (It's about time.)


The monument to Sir Walter Scott is prominent on the Edinburgh skyline.

The photo on right was shot across the roof of Waverley Station.



Advocate's Close, on the Royal Mile


Edinburgh Castle


My room in Edinburgh was at bridge level.



500 years ago, Dunbar Castle was ordered destroyed. Now the remains are homes to seagulls.


Rocky coast of Firth of Forth, Dunbar



Dunbar, Scotland

Photographing war memorial with ancestors' family name, then a brisk hike on the cliff and a pause to refresh.



St. Giles, Edinburgh


St. Giles

A candle for his dad...





Vendor at Central Market, Lincoln

The money man buys a leather coin purse to

separate his pence from his pennies.

(2) Car show on the Quay, Lincoln


St. Benedict's, Lincoln

In the photo on the right, this dull door is the only exterior door the building has.




Along the Royal Mile in Edinburgh...


Edinburgh 2014


Harbor at Dunbar


Rugged coast of the Firth of Forth


A seagull floats past Edinburgh Castle


Brayford Pool, Lincoln






Train station at Dunbar, Scotland








You can't tell which way the train goes by looking at the tracks.










From my window taken through glass: notice the bus's destination











After a vigorous jaunt along the cliff

in the gusty breeze, a dive into seafood.


Along the John Muir Way near the start...

This hiking trail was officially opened in April 2014

and extends across Scotland east to west 134 miles.

I hiked three blocks, vigorously.


The Royal Mile



This tree behind St. Benedict's might have been a sapling

when the various Chapmans were baptized and married here.


Side of St. Benedict's. It is in a pedestrian square and no longer used for services.





Edinburgh Castle

You can see across the Firth of Forth from the castle. The oldest golf course in the world, St. Andrew's, is across the firth.

It is curious why anyone needs a landline in these days (but I confess I have several); these red telephone booths

are everywhere...and they still operate.





Difficult to navigate the coast at Dunbar...



It took me a bit to figure out why these rocks had crosses installed.

By watching small watercraft navigate, I figured out that they were

aiming for a point between the crosses.



Land slippage and erosion



More slippage



Despite the loss of land, flowers bloom.










I've been through the University of Lincoln...

on foot.




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