Noltze's Perspective

 by Kathy Noltze


  March 7, 2018 I saw a coyote chase a rabbit today. They showed up at the watering hole at the same time and the coyote had an easy snack. Nothing is as entertaining, though, as the sharks circling in Washington.
February 26, 2018: Out-of-state license plates aren't the only indication we have a tourist in our midst: it's the summer attire that gives the person away. We locals don't wear shorts and halter tops in February even if the temperature tops seventy. I have to applaud the motorists though for their driving skills; local drivers seem to think that a posted speed limit is only a suggestion.

  February 25, 2018  There is so much occurring that I can't keep up with the national news. The president's popularity tied its own hisoric low; I don't believe we should govern ourselves by popularity. The flu is still raging. NRA fights back after losing many major endorsements. Ivanka Trump was not well-received at the Olympics.

  February 24, 2018: In the wake of the Florida school shooting, it appears our president is going to recommend a ban on assault rifles, or age or other restrictions. Too little too late.

  February 23, 2018: Team USA is making a good showing at the Olympics. Whether or not they medaled, each deserves a shout-out.

  February 21, 2018: So, Melania Trump's parents from Slovenia have received permanent resident cards in the US. Is this an example of chain migration that the President rails against?

  February 19, 2018: Our founding fathers never thought weapons of mass destruction, like assault rifles, would be invented, much less used against our own people. I don't believe a law restricting ownership of these weapons is contrary to our constitution.
  We make our own fortune, then call it fate.

  It's amazing how much I learn after I think I know it all.

  The president's secrets circulate faster than money. Washington, D. C. needs more people raising beans and fewer people spilling them.
  Lack of planning does not constitute an emergency.