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Folkestone and Bits of Britain

by Kathy Noltze

Culture and history meld with travel in this photo essay about a jaunt along the southeast coast of England. Attitudes about British versus English and "talking American" are unveiled in the author's conversations with local people in Kent and East Sussex. Folkestone and Eastbourne are the bases from which Noltze introduces towns that often escape the attention of travelers from the USA. Readers are treated to a side trip across the Strait of Dover.  


ISBN: 978-0-9801572-1-5

LCCN: 2008930626

© 2009 by Kathy Noltze.  All rights reserved.

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Table of Contents

Folkestone...with stops in Canterbury, Dover, Deal, & New Romney  9

Eastbourne ...with a side trip to Lewes                                                    47

Calais, France  ...including Lille and Boulogne-sur-Mer                       71

Epilogue   ...about being British                                                                93

Finalist--Travel Essay

National Best Books 2008 Awards

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About Folkestone

Routine travelers to Britain are generally familiar with Kent, the "Garden of England" and some of Kent's common tourist destinations are cited in this travel narrative: Canterbury, Dover, Beachy Head and others. What countless travelers miss are the charms of Folkestone.  Author Kathy Noltze introduces casual visitors to a town that should rank as a destination in itself.


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About the Author

Kathy Noltze founded the corporation Magnum Travel Inc. in 1978 as an asset-management company, operating primarily in retail travel. As the retail travel division prospered, the company diversified its investments, among which are travel writing and photography, real estate, and publishing. 


Timing is everything. Noltze bought an office building in 1989 at a low point in commercial real estate, and moved the retail division to the new location. At the height of the real estate boom in 2005, she sold the commercial office building, phased out retail travel, and relocated corporate headquarters to a town in eastern Arizona where the company has other investments. Timing is everything.


Kathy Noltze is a travel writer/photographer and a certified travel counselor. She holds a degree in public administration and she continued her formal education at universities in Mexico and England. Her career takes her to Europe several times a year; she likes to explore places that are off-mainstream.


Noltze is the author of Flanders: Bits of Belgium.


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For us stupid Americans: signs on the pavement at busy intersections to remind us that traffic comes from the other direction.

This is the price in pounds sterling (£) per liter for gas at one station in the UK in May 2008. That's over $8.00 per gallon, US.


Dover Castle

(I did.) Boulogne-sur-Mer is captivating.


This is an auto show on the Grand Parade in Eastbourne, England. There were 550 "foreign" cars to inspect. Behind it was a carnival and an outdoor market. In the background you can see the English Channel and Eastbourne Pier.     ►


© 2009 Kathy Noltze

All rights reserved.

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