Flanders: Bits of Belgium

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...kick back and simply enjoy the words and photographs...This book is recommended reading for anyone planning a trip to Belgium. Yet, it is also a wonderful addition to any home library. Lay it on the end table and watch the smiles you receive from guests who pick it up out of curiosity!

--LuAnn Morgan, RebeccasReads

ISBN 978-0-9801572-0-8Finalist--Travel: Essay
National Best Books 2008 Awards
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Library of Congress Control #2007942692

Author: Kathy Noltze

Publisher:  Magnum Travel, Inc.

100 pages, 50 color illustrations, 8.5" x 8.5", paperback

Published in 2008.

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This photo essay takes readers to the coast of Belgium, where the author-photographer captures ordinary life and extraordinary architecture in the country that is home to the capital of Europe. Noltze encourages readers to explore less stylish regions of Europe, to leave baggage at home, to shun tour groups, and to interact with locals. Packed with pragmatic information, such as a route map for the coastal tram and background data about the secessionist movement, this is not a guidebook but a lighthearted narrative about a traipse along the North Sea.


Some of my ancestors crossed the pond in 1843; it was arduous traveling, but they always knew where their luggage was. 

--K. Noltze

Noltze travels in the United States and goes beyond our borders to see who shares the planet with us. She eschews group travel, choosing instead to develop independent itineraries that plop her in the midst of local people in their normal activities. A good place to start, she says, is to use public transportation--trains, ferries, funiculars and such--and to attend art fairs, concerts and plays in towns away from capitals and major tourist centers. According to Noltze, the most important travel accessory you should take is a wallet stuffed with foreign currency.  

About the author:

Kathy Noltze holds a BS degree in public administration and a CTC in travel. Continuing formal education took her to universities in the UK and Mexico. While studying, she clerked for an architectural firm in London, as well as for companies in California, Wisconsin, and Arizona.  She founded an asset-management corporation which has over three decades of success in travel,  primarily in designing distinctive travel to Europe. Along with management duties, Noltze writes travel articles and ad copy. She manages her company, which evolved from retail travel into publishing and investments, while photographing and writing about alluring destinations. Work takes her to major cities in Europe. Less trendy destinations intrigue her: Pomerania, Bohemia, Prussia and Slovakia are a few of the regions through which she treads for company projects and genealogy research. Kathy Noltze is founder and president of Magnum Travel, Inc., since 1978, and the author of Folkestone and Bits of Britain.

Surrounded by palo verde, saguaros, staghorn cholla and prickly pear cacti, and with bobcats, roadrunners, and coyotes strolling through her yard, Noltze lives in the Sonoran Desert with her husband and other wild creatures.

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