Nature Calls

Life's Not-So-Wild Creatures

Along the River Dee and the River Ouse in Cheshire and Yorkshire


Photos by Kathy Noltze

2011 by Kathy Noltze. All rights reserved.



Is this the same Nature that gave us volcanoes and tsunamis?

Between ruins and relics, castles and cathedrals in the UK, there are miles of river walks, canal walks, and cobblestone lanes which are home to nature's critters. Some of the critters seem domesticated, as you can see from the following pictures which I captured in northern England in April & May 2010.

--Kathy Noltze

♪♫♪...wind beneath my wings...♫


Lincoln, UK 2014


Dunbar, Scotland 2014

Duck squad arrives



Lincoln, UK




This guy (above) followed me from Cliffford's Tower to the

 river in York; he looked both ways (below) when we crossed a street,

then lounged on the ground near a park bench (right) when I sat down.

Bird brains? Flocking together?

Note the ankle bracelets.


Places to go, things to do...


This one seemed to be showing off his teeth.


Love birds on the River Ouse.





Fowl friend: this one followed his man for

blocks along the River Dee in Chester.


"You lookin' at me?"


Life in ruins: this squirrel makes a life with the pigeons in some ancient Roman ruins.




"What was I thinking?!"


"You talkin' to me?"


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